Starting as partyperformers the Amsterdam Klezmer Band had grown to international fame.

Klezmer is a Jewish music form originating from the Ottoman and Russian Empire of the nineteenth century under a strong influence from Romanian folk music. Hower this doesn’t cover the musical exploits of the Amsterdam Klezmer Band. They also play Gipsy music, Greek and Turkish folk music, Jazz, Fusion, Poka and Ska. As long as it’s energy transcends to the crowd.

Every show end in a party and the band does it’s very best to ensure you from this. It’s not without reason the band is a welcome guest at VERA.

After twenty years they still transform the crowd to a lively, sweat, happy, jumping bunch with ease. And of course, you want to be part of it!

Amsterdam Klezmer Band - Cocek a la Kopyt (official video)
Amsterdam Klezmer Band - Oyoyoy (Babylon Central version)