Friday the 14th of April will be the final Anders. show.
And we are going out with a bang!
For our last show Thisquietarmy and Hellenica will come over from Canada, bringing their new project Houses of Worship, as well as playing solo sets.
Hellenica has been over twice before, in 2016 in the Scheepvaart Museum and 2 years later at the magnificent BETONTEGEL festival.
Thisquietarmy has been on the top of my list since I started and is the spider in the center of the web of music of everything Anders. stands for.
Houses of Worship is the collaborative project by Eric Quach (thisquietarmy) and Jim Demos (Hellenica). On “Migration” you will find 12 tracks full of smooth experimental tracks, featuring electronic soundscapes and guitar drones, melting together into something that could be described as post-Fripp-Eno drones.
Quach's prolific output includes more than 50 releases under the Thisquietarmy moniker since 2005, on established indie labels around the world such as Consouling Sounds, Denovali, Aurora Borealis, Midira, Shelter Press, Alien8 & Tokyo Jupiter. He also collaborated with members of Voivod, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Noveller, Amenra, Nadja, Locrian & more. Based in Montreal, he completed over 30 major tours across North/South America, Europe & Asia, performing over 600 gigs in 40 countries, including festivals such as Red Bull Music Academy, Biennale Nemo, Le Guess Who?, Incubate, Amplifest, Mutek, FIMAV & Suoni Per Il Popolo.
Demos grew up in the west-end’s industrial part of Winnipeg among rusted train yards and crumbling storage facilities. He now lives and works in Montreal, and performs under the Hellenica moniker since 2012, in which he usually fuses dark ambient type instrumentals utilizing elements of drone, doom, chant and spaghetti-western guitar melodies. He also released 5 albums on indie labels and toured Europe a few times.
Come say goodbye!