Jarring, streetwise, darkly shimmering rock & roll— Beechwood is a New York City band born out of necessity. Formed by a pair of close neighborhood friends, Beechwood initially developed a buzz in the small clubs and DIY spaces of New York City, honing their unpredictable, frenzied live performances (twice leading to mid-show arrests) while building a dedicated following.

Balancing the sonic edge of mid-seventies proto-punk bands such as NY Dolls and Television with the pop sensibility of classic rock groups such as the Kinks, Stones and even the Beatles, Beechwood is authentically rock and roll. Centered around the close-knit songwriting and guitar-weaving partnership of Gordon Lawrence and Sid Simons – also featuring Russel Yusuf on drums and recent addition Jensen Gore on bass – Beechwood’s 4th studio album “Sleep Without Dreaming” is packed with stellar songs and displays a sonically powerful production.