Raw energy, full of power, all combined with simply damned good music, that’s what Blanco Teta is about.

The band itself describes its music as an experimental rock project, with the aggressiveness and simplicity of punk but with a great twist: relentless distorted noise soundscapes, edgy performance, transfeminist concept and an avant-garde approach. Based in Buenos Aires this quartet is a great live band with an unique sound, partly because of the presence of a cello.

Going to a Blanco Teta show is an immersive experience with high levels of relentless energy and madness. Blanco Teta started in 2017 and represents a great movement that connects with other transfeminist experimental collectives from the upcoming queer latinx scene.

The band has played in numerous popular venues in the Buenos Aires experimental scene. In 2022 Blanco Teta made their first European tour playing in various countries and festivals, including the Fusion Festival (DE), Valkhof Festival (NL), Welcome to the Village (NL), Nordanpaunk (ISL) and Antwerp Queer Festival (BE) and other various shows in venues around Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland.

Curated by The Hands Off Project is support Consensual Peggy from Utrecht. Consensual Peggy is a Band with capital B, not averse to hysteria. Unpredictable, loud and fantastically ferocious. Born out of anger and disbelief against patriarchal society. Consensual Peggy can be your lover, best friend, your mommy. She can also be your enemy, hater, never-ending confrontational partner. You choose. What you can expect exactly? No idea. But you may sing along.