Blaze tells the story of the life of outlaw musician and songwriter Blaze Foley, who, despite his tremendous talent, never managed to really quite break through. In a fashion every bit as lyrical as Foley’s songs themselves, the movie zigzags its way through the turbulent times of the legendary singer-songwriter, whose lust for liquor unfortunately was every bit as big as his heart.

Although these days the number of biopics about musicians borders on countless, if there is someone who deserves one, it’s Blaze Foley. Despite influencing country greats like Townes van Zandt and Merle Haggard, Blaze unfortunately died before ever reaching any lasting degree of fame. Luckily, Ethan Hawke – who also wrote the script together with Sybil Rosen, the muse in Blaze’s life – has managed to convey the gospel according to Blaze to the big screen.

To truly make the evening an unforgettable experience, prior to the screening Awkward I and Tim Knol will be performing songs by Blaze Foley and other outlaw country legends such as Townes van Zandt. To make things even better, journalist Igor Wijnker will introduce the evening by telling a short story about (who else?) Blaze Foley. Anyone who appreciates Blaze and all those other country greats really can’t miss this!

But be forewarned: because the evening’s programme is fairly long, we will be kicking off an hour earlier than usual. The tickets for this country extravaganza will also be two euros more than for our other screenings.