“Pessimiste(s), Nihiliste(s), Misanthrope(s) and Morte(s) Née(s)”: the history of CELESTE is just as it sounds: negative, gloomy and destructive. The French four-piece plays a mix of sludge and post-hardcore with hints of black metal and doom. CELESTE plays in almost complete darkness, using red headlights and a strobe as the only light sources.

With over 600 shows played all over the world, including at prestigious extreme music festivals such as Hellfest, Roskilde, Copenhell, SummerBreeze, Brutal Assault, Roadburn and Psycho Las Vegas: CELESTE is considered one of the most important bands of the famous “French Avant-Garde Black-Metal” scene.

Support Throwing bricks is a 5-piece metal band from Utrecht, The Netherlands. Playing a mix of slow crushing sludge riffs with elements of hardcore punk, black metal and screamo. Get ready to be sucked into a very heavy and loud void.