Chris Brokaw contributed his expertise on guitar and drums to the bands Come and Codeine before striking out on his own as a solo act. He also had contributed to recordings by Steve Wynn, Pullman, the Willard Grant Conspiracy, and the New Year, among others. His first time out as a solo artist saw him split an EP with the Spanish group Viva Las Vegas. The recording was put out jointly by Acuarela Records and Kimchee Records.

A native of New York, Brokaw settled in Boston during the mid-’80s. His first rock gig came four years later when he signed on with the slowcore band Codeine as its drummer. He remained with the group through two years, and contributed to the recording of an EP and a full-length album. He moved on to Come, devoting himself to the blues-rock outfit that he’d already been with for about a year as a guitarist. A handful of albums and a variety of singles followed, with Thalia Zedek at the band’s forefront, as the group recorded for the label Meteor. When the band fell apart and Zedek started out as a solo artist, Brokaw and a few other Come bandmates contributed to her recordings. The favor was returned when Brokaw was recording the EP that he split with Viva Las Vegas, and Zedek contributed her talents to the song “Bricks,” while Bedhead’s Matt Kadane also contributed on the organ.

Chris Brokaw - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)