Chupame El Dedo is a collaboration between Eblis Alvarez (Meridian Brothers / Los Piranas) and Pedro Ojeda (Romperayo / Los Piranas). Freely translated, Chupame El Dedo means suck my finger. The band was initially formed for a one-off live performance commissioned by House of World Cultures in Berlin, for the Festival “Evil Music” in October 2013. The idea was to combine death metal with tropical sounds.

Because of their success, the band still exists today. Chupame El Dedo’s first album was released in 2016 on Discrepant Records. Distorted voices, metal and sometimes even gabberhouse-like clichés are mixed with tropical rhythm sections consisting of salsa, cumbia, currulao & reggaeton. Second album No Te Metas Con Satan was released in spring 2019 on Souk (a sublabel of Discrepant), followed by a European tour.