From Saturday 6 to Sunday 7 April 2019 the CLASH XXL Festival takes places in the city center of Groningen, in and near the Oosterstraat. Grand Theatre, VERA and OOST are the main locations of het festival. On April 6th we present performances by DJ’s and live acts and on April 7th you will be able to dive into speeches and discussion during Clash Context. On both days there will be an extensive art program with performances, installations and audiovisual art.

The program in VERA:


21.00 Forest Swords - live score: The Fall of the House of Usher (1928)
For the very first time in the Netherlands: a live film score performed by the amazing producer Forest Swords! Matthew Barnes has a refined sense for mixing hip-hop, R&B beats, looped guitars and lively samples. He used his expertise to compose a live film score for the 1928 poetic horror film The Fall of the House of Usher based on masterful poems by Edgar Allan Poe.

23.00 Surma
Portugese multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Surma gets compared to Björk, Joanna Newson and Portishead. Her stage floods with amps, percussion instruments, microphones, guitar pedals and sample pads with which she layers her music with much finesse.

00.30 Matteo Myderwyk - special synth set
The man with golden hands and a mysterious calmness: piano pioneer Matteo Myderwyk. For Clash XXL he will bring an arsenal of synths to build a magical set to take us round the edges of ambient, electro and minimal.

01.30 Teddy's Last Ride - performance The Others
“Sometimes I wish aliens would kidnap me and crown me as their leader” Andy Smart

The Others is an electronic pop-spectacle by interdisciplinary group Teddy’s Last Ride that features projections, dance, and club beats. Reflecting upon what makes us human, the power of vulnerability, and the value of light in dark spaces.

01.45 Philou Louzolo
A tumultuous period in the Rotterdam club scene made Philou Louzolo aware of how much deep tech is rooted in African sounds and rhythm. His ambition and creativity made him rise through the ranks fast with his signature tropical house sound.

03.15 Rahaan
Chicago-based DJ Rahaan will boogie the stage with his non-typical mix of dance music. Whether it is producing, remixing, editing or putting up a grand show, this guy does not seem to think twice!

Gijs Deddens - DENS w/
22.00 Zachte Man
22.45 De Witte Kunst
23.30 Red Brut
Gijs is a matchmaker between visual art and music. His new project DENS brings together art of silk screens and music. The release party of DENS takes place at CLASH XXL, with new music and art by Gijs Deddens.

Front room
19:30 Bouke Groen
Bouke Groen presents two sound art installations at Clash. In Sirene the irritating noise of the siren is reduced to a soft, soothing tone playing with one’s normal perception of this. It invokes abstract and ambiguous imagination of unrest and threat.