Antwerp jazz-rock trio Dans Dans breaks through five years of radiosilence in April 2021, with the arrival of a new album ‘Zink’! ‘A hard, blistering and daring noisetrip,’ says Humo. ‘The best live band in the Western Hemisphere is back,’ celebrates Oor, and De Morgen praises their ‘organic but cleverly structured jams.’

Over the summer, the band takes advantage of the corona rules that are loosening by playing some blazing shows, including at Jazz Middelheim and at an Unday Records label night during Boomtown. A few dates in Eastern Europe followed, but the continuation of a national and international tour was cancelled or rescheduled. Third wave, fourth wave, who was keeping count? As the end of 2021 creeps closer, Bert Dockx, Frederic Lyenn Jacques, and Steven Cassiers, since 2012 – ten years! – the unholy trinity of Dans Dans, to turn their grievances into grooves. Rehearsals are planned. New music is created. A studio is booked. And so a new instrumental corona record was born. Not one of contemplation via isolation or rediscovered domestic well-being, not a hushed report of monotony and social distancing. Or perhaps partly so, but also much more than that.

Support S.T.A.D. is an experimental three-piece from Groningen. The band experiments with jazz, blues, funk and fusion and implement whatever makes their sound better in their music.