Cinema lovers are in for a treat, because De Filmcontainer will be present at Noorderzon! The Film Container is a collaboration between VERA Zienema, Filmvereniging Groningen and the Groninger Archieven, who convert a double container into a cozy mini cinema. Expect an atmospheric movie house full of alternative cinema, contemporary local talent and historical images of the Groningen region. In short, a cross-pollination event in which the signature of three different players in the Groningen film landscape form one whole. An original combination for an audience that likes being tickled.

Zienema will on 19, 22 & 25 August play a programme consisting of the themes:

DONKEY (2023, Matt Kazman): After receiving an emergency call, a struggling Shrek impersonator has to face his family during his lowest moment.
THE TOBOS (2023, Tobias Rud): Trippy vintage animation set in a fantasy world where friendship, insecurities and loneliness are reflected upon.

LA HERIDA LUMINOSA (2022, Christian Avilés): Poetic, dreamy and bizarre film about the untamable desire of British tourists to get sunburned and jump off their balconies.
NIMIC (2019, Yorgos Lanthimos): Alienating, intriguing thriller about identity and repetition. Impressive camera work, elusive characters, sterile environments, and unexpected twists.

VORMITTAGSSPUK/GHOST BEFORE BREAKFAST (1928, Hans Richter): A humorous, delightful, grotesque in which ordinary objects rebel against their daily routine and, for a brief period of liberation, fallow their own laws.
UN CHIEN ANDALOU (1929, Salvador Dalí & Luis Buñuel): This intense journey of lust and sin is one of the most outrageous pieces of art anyone will see. Soundtrack made by Groninger musician Julia Bekker.

EXCESS WILL SAVE US (2019, Margone Dziurla-Petit): A young film director returns to her family village after a terrorist alert was triggered. When she finds out that there is no terrorist threat at all, the roaming fake news story becomes a metaphor for xenophobia, the media-driven paranoia, and the rejection by the conservative villagers of anything outside the norm.
JOY IN PEOPLE (2018, Oscar Hudson): A short piece of docu-fiction about a vulnerable man trying to find happiness in massive football crowds. Covertly filmed amid the very real crowds of the European Football Championships 2016.

17 aug | 17.30, 19.00, 21.00
18 – 27 aug | 16.00, 17.30, 19.00, 21.00
@ Containers Noorderplantsoen Noord

The Film Container will be in the northern part of the park from 17 to 27 August | tickets: €6,- | Groninger Archives screenings are free | Buy tickets online via or at the film container.

Filmvereniging Groningen is from and for film and media makers. De Film Club in the Grand Theatre is the association’s monthly showcase, where filmmakers come together and talk about film. The Filmvereniging strives for a healthy film climate in Groningen. | More info at

The Groninger Archieven preserve the rich and tangible past of the city and province of Groningen. Together with researchers, media, museums and anyone curious about Groningen history, they try to keep the past alive. | More info at