After making a movie about a murderous tire (Rubber) and one about telepathy between humans and animals (Wrong), why not spin a tale about a man who falls head over heels in love with his suede jacket? French iconoclast and unparalleled absurdist Quitin Dupieux opened this year’s Director’s Fortnight at Cannes with his very dark (yet very amusing) Deerskin, giving everyone a very pleasant surprise.

Deerskin tells the story of Georges, who can’t get enough of his recently acquired deerskin jacket, which makes any other jacket of anyone else in the world superfluous. In purchasing this eccentric bit of kit, Georges is also gifted a camcorder by the previous owner. Taking inspiration from everything such equipment makes possible, Georges decides to pass himself off as a film maker. Together with barmaid Denise, who enjoys editing films in her spare time, he embarks on a bizarre mission. An absurd three-way relationship develops between Georges, Denise and the jacket.