In 2004 in Malmö, faith united four brilliant musicians to form Deville, a heavy rock band with infectious energy. Armed with their authentic fusion of rock, metal and stoner, they set out to rock the world. And they still do, more powerful than ever! Since 2004, they released five albums, played nearly 400 gigs and festivals all over Europe and the United States and shared the stage with great acts as Red Fang, Torche, Mustasch, Truckfighters and many more. This year, Deville will grace Australia with their roaring riffs in spring and in fall follows a tour through Europe.

To put it in the band’s own words, their music is “Like a rock and metal punch right in your face”!

As support they’ll be bringing the Metal Infused Alternative Rock band JINI from Groningen (NL). With a pinch of the 90s in the way you loved it in the past (and you still love it… admit it). Bands such as Tool, Linkin Park, and A Perfect Circle come to mind, and perhaps even a pinch of Mastodon. JINI was founded in 2019, with members from Hackberry, Kroon, Kinesic (ES) and Stonehawk. The band just released three singles and their first album is expected in 2023.