My favorite song about cars is Fast Cars by the Buzzcocks. Because me and my boyfriend both don’t know how to drive a car and I’m secretly quite afraid of taxis in the city. Gary Numan with Cars is also a classic, but I don’t think that song is about cars at all. Nevertheless, almost 12 million of the 17 million inhabitants of the Netherlands are motorists. We, the car critics, are clearly in the minority. So I can completely understand why this band from Amsterdam has called itself ‘Autorijdend Nederland’: it is a relatable band name and let’s be honest, it also rolls off the tongue quite nicely.

Autorijd Nederland makes guitar music that reminds you of bands such as Pavement, Dinosaur Jr. and Flaming Lips. Typical 90’s sound, lots of chorus and reverb on the guitars and many different singing styles: you will continue to be surprised! This year they released their second EP: Group Theory. They probably will play a few songs from this EP in the Downstage. So, grab your bike, metro, shared scooter, bus, walking carriage, motorcycle, tram, truck, train or car and I’ll see you on June 29! | HILLE