On September 23rd, Utrecht based Combo Qazam will make our basement bar unsafe! Or rather, softly headbanging.

The band makes calculated post-punk with art-rock influences that give you the feeling that you suddenly have to become nostalgic for what’s to come in life.

With the lockdowns of covid, a huge amount of free time and a shared love for artists such as Can, Beak>, Unwound, This Heat and Wire, this band originated in 2020 as a way to make music together. In 2022 they released their debut album Ghost Interior and looking at the amount of gigs they play right now, I don’t think it’ll take a long time before they start locking themselves in their house again to write new songs.

If you’re curious about the sound of wanting to go back to the future, below you can listen to their song ‘Crisis’ as a preview of what the evening will offer you. / Hille