Take a whiff. A really good one. What do you smell? Is it an American dive bar in Kansas where the jukebox still plays Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers on repeat? Do you sit alone at the bar and order a new beer because you don’t want to go home yet? Do you suddenly see four guys walking to a DIY stage where (apparently) several musical instruments are displayed? Are they starting to play and does it suddenly appear that the bartender actually thought about the choice of music before the band started? Do you just get up and watch, and do you actually like it because you are also a fan of The Cowboys and Alien Nosejob? Afterwards, do you just buy a T-shirt and record after speaking to the drummer of the band? Do you then grab your keys and go home with a good feeling? Do you suddenly realise that you don’t have a pick-up truck at all and that the keys in your hand are for your bicycle that is parked in Oosterstraat? Do you turn around and see VERA with an open door to the Downstage where a number of people are having a drink in front of the entrance? Did you suddenly realise that you were never in Kansas, but always in Groningen? That’s right, because you were at The Whiffs on Ascension Day!

The Whiffs are a band from Kansas City, Missouri and part of Dig! Records (not to be confused with the Brian Jonestown Massacre and Dandy Warhols music documentary). In 2023 they released their latest album ‘Scratch ‘N’ Sniff’ and now this spring they will visit Europe again. Punk with heavy pop influences, danceable but with a raw edge of rock ’n roll! | HILLE