Pop into the Basement Bar after a Saturday night punk show, and you’ll be able to pick up the crowd’s inspiration from the ground up as it drips off the walls. For Sweat from L.A. (USA) and the local band Litter you can take this quite literally, since on an average dance and punk night you will find enough ‘Litter’ on the floor and you will see the ‘Sweat’ dripping down from the ceiling.

Sweat calls themselves rockers, but the punk of Amyl and the Sniffers would even be a bit soft compared to this band. If you like listening to the hardcore punk of Chain Whip, The Chisel or Punitive Damage, you’ll be very happy on March 23rd.

Even better: Litter plays the double bill with Sweat with a good reason. These downstage-veterans sound like a can of noise, but also, their Bandcamp says ‘For those who like sweaty basement shows and loud music.’

So expect two very sweat-y, sweaty basement shows!