A few months before the very first lockdown, at the end of 2019, Amsterdam alt-pop formation EUT played in VERA and were creating sparkling guitar-driven rock, which focusses on connecting and having fun. For their third LP ‘Be My Reactor’ EUT steps into new depths, both lyrically and sonically. Created during the bulk of the corona pandemic, there were suddenly no ‘nexts’ to look forward to, inspiring the band’s singer and songwriter Megan de Klerk to attune more deeply to her inner circle.

‘Be My Reactor’ is EUT’s first self-produced record: liberated of deadlines and the whole touring lifestyle, the band could dig their heels deeper into more experimenting. Sound-wise, the album has more in common with twilight than the bright, sun-kissed sceneries they courted before. Periods of depression, breakups and closer friends with suicidal thoughts; these are subjects Megan tries to get to grips with lyrically. ‘Be My Reactor’ will be out March 10 on V2 Records.

Support Stella is soft-grunge from Amsterdam. Their dynamic, sober and tearing pop songs are mainly inspired by the 90’s and are occasionally reminiscent of artists such as No Doubt, Pj Harvey, Slowdive and Smashing Pumpkins.