EUT creates youthful and sparkling guitar-driven rock, which focusses on connecting and having fun. Their debut album ‘Fool for the Vibes’ is filled with lively tracks, and is clearly influenced by 90’s bands such as The Cardigans, Beck and Blur. The differences in personalities among the bandmembers is the key to what makes EUT so refreshing. Together with Pip Blom, Canshaker Pi and Amber Arcades, EUT proves that the growing Dutch guitar scene is still evolving.

45ACIDBABIES from Utrecht is inspired by electronic bands such as Die Antwoord and Sleigh Bells, and adds in the retro punk attitude of bands like The Kills. A loud and expressive live show filled with bubblegum garage tunes is guaranteed!

EUT - Sour Times (Official Video)
45ACIDBABIES - Just in Rot