Existing mainly from members of Ortega, Menhir was founded in 2013. Six years later, the name of the band was changed into the current ‘Farer‘. The end result of this whole verwandlung turned out to be a combination of more noise, a waft of black and a hefty amount of doom. The band consists of bass guitar players and singers Frank de Boer and Arjan van Dalen, and percussionist Sven Jurgens

Debutalbum ‘Monad’ originally got released on the 20th of november in 2020 on a CD via Aesthetic Death and on cassette via Tartarus Records. Even a live registration in VERA accompanied this album, unfortunately without an audience. Months after this initial release of Monad, the band decided to rerelease the album on vinyl on the 24th of September. This resulted in a limited edition bright and black marbled colour double-LP, packaged in a heavy gatefold. Thrilling, original album artwork made by Niels Verwijk accompanies the vinyl. Like old wine in new packaging, a new presentation, but the contents have remained the same.

People not familiar with the doom and noise genre might be put off by the dark sounds of Farer. However, people who like or are interested in a fair share of sour guitars will be carried along in a dark story full of desparation, chaos and enlightenment. We cannot wait to see Farer back on stage in VERA!

Support act is band Ggu:ll from Tilbrug. They will warm up the room with atmospheric, dark doom metal. Performances from Ggu:ll are loud and intense. The band is considered as one of the most interesting loud bands in the Netherlands.