“Always make the audience suffer as much as possible” according to renowned British film director Alfred Hitchcock. This statement, although meant differently by this influential filmmaker, reminds me of previous editions of the Vera Filmquiz, as the teams were generally not made easy by the quizmasters. The audience sometimes just barely broke out into weeping and gnashing of teeth! Nonetheless, we have now reached the thirteenth edition, and film lovers are once again welcome to take up the challenge in teams and compete for a nice variety of appropriate prizes.

So, if you and your combatants are confident in your collective ready knowledge of both recent cinema and the pearls & pulp that have been projected on the silver screen or rented from video stores over the decades, sign up to compete with other teams who, for one reason or another, share the same opinion. Expect the unexpected, however, as the carefully composed questions may be slightly different from what you would expect based on the footage. And memorising the IMDb as the ultimate preparation is probably a bridge too far, although you can try. Together with quizmasters Wouter and Cas, it promises to be another exciting trip through the wonderful world of cinema!

The rules of the game are simple: all participants purchase a ticket and form teams of 1 to 5 members. It is often also possible to join a team on the spot. So joining on your own is certainly possible, but if there are more than five team members, the team will be inexorably disqualified.