To tell the truth – the complete, pure truth – about yourself, your weaknesses and your failures is, for many, an enormous challenge. Estimating how someone will respond to your revelations is tricky; people are unpredictable. In I Am A Sex Addict, it is precisely this challenge that Caveh Zahedi rises to. In this autobiographical quasi-documentary Zahedi tells about his sex addiction, about how he failed to suppress the urge to visit prostitutes and about the impact it’s had on his life and relationships. Exhibitionism takes strange shapes when Zahedi uncovers the truth in absurdist and comical ways, in an attempt to overcome his sex addiction and realise his desires for a long-term relationship. I Am A Sex Addict is just one of the films by which Zahedi has made a name for himself as a controversial artist. His idiosyncratic storytelling and unconventional choice of themes and methodology are typical of all his films and shows. The Sheik and I, for example, a commissioned work for the Sharjah Biennial in the United Arab Emirates, by which Zahedi has completely fallen out of favour with the Sharjah Art Foundation. He could not resist taking the piss out of the sheik of Sharjah.