The independent musician Joost Dijkema is one of the few fingerpick guitarists in the Netherlands. He released his debut record ‘Sacred Revelations’ in 2016, an album filled with melancholic lonerfolk and powerful guitar compositions. After his second album ‘Time Thief’ he is going to release his third album ‘After Thunder Sun’ which got a 5 star rating from the British magazine Shindig!. Joost Dijkema has performed at Take Root in 2017, Chicago, Nashville, at Beale Street in Memphis, Manana Manana. He has been touring repeatedly through Italy and plays in various clubs in the Netherlands. One of his compositions has been featured in ‘Imaginational Anthem X’ a compilation record from 2020 released by the American Tompkins Square Records. After 3 years Dijkema will release his third full length solo LP/CD After Thunder Sun. Joshua Ten Doornkaat (Bert Hadders, Way Up North), Reinee Huizing (Moan, Uhgah? Wugah!) and Thijs Vrolijk (Way Up North) will play as supporting musicians during Dijkema’s release show.

Support: Waswas
Waswas is the name used by Alessandro Denti focusing mainly on guitar-oriented music. He is originally from Italy but currently living in Utrecht. His production broadens from primitivism, folk, blues to improv, dissonant and soundscape music. He has been actively making music since his teenage years, either solo or in bands. His albums as Waswas were released for Ramble records (Aus), Scissor Tail Records (Usa) and Improshit records (Ita).