King Buffalo is a power trio bound by three forces: flow, space and heaviness. The tempo: a smooth and continuous hypnotic groove. The space in the music is overpowering and exudes the group’s blossoming confidence and patience. Swept along by tension, suspense and releases. With the added breathing room, the explosive pieces build up and powerfully break through like a blues-tinged, psychedelic, kraut-rock driven tsunami.

The New York-based trio has been around since 2013. To date, the band has released 4 EPs and 4 full-lengths. They have also toured with bands such as Clutch, All Them Witches, Uncle Acid & the deadbeats, The Sword and Elder.

Support The Great Machine played their first show on 11/11/2011 at their own club, the Reality Rehab Center, in Tel Aviv. 12 years and 3 full-lengths later, the band has toured a lot and even set up their own record label called Reality Rehab Records. Rock&roll fans see the band as metalheads and fans from the metal scene call The Great Machine a bunch of hippies. Sounds like: a road trip through the Negev desert with Mötorhead in the tape-player. A mix of stoner punk and sludgy psychedelic doom.