Cowpunk legends Nine Pound Hammer are back! With The Ramones as biggest inspiration, the band stays true to their own style, in which cowpunk pioneers Jason and The Scorchers play a major role.

In fact, when Blaine Cartwright (guitar, vocals) and Scott Luallen (vocals) founded Nine Pound Hammer – named after a song of Merle Travis – in 1985 in Owensboro, Kentucky, they actually wanted to imitate The Scorchers. Luckily this did not work out, and we get the more punky and unique mix of The Ramones meet Merle Haggard (of Johnny Cash), because of the heavy southern country tic which is being sprinkled through the songs. By combining simple energetic cowpunksongs with over-the-top hilarious row-dow lyrics on hillbilly alcoholism, poverty, violence and madness, Nine Pound Hammer creates an image of a loose and folksy punkband.

Their latest album ‘When The Shit Goes Down’ was released in 2021 on Acetate Records.

Scott Luallen – Vocals
Blaine Cartwright – Guitar / Vocals
Earl Crim – Guitar
Mark Hendricks – Bass
Brian Pulito – Drums

The Ramonská’s – perhaps better known as Deun van Seun –  started out as a joke and an ode to punk, but soon proved to be more than just that. During their first shows, it was told that the band consisted of the fictive brothers Orbán from Hungary. However, this façade seemed difficult to keep up, so now they’re the guys from Leeuwarden. Be prepared for swinging Ramones songs, flavoured with some sizzling ska!