Papa Srapa is not a typical music documentary, but rather a condensed trip to the heart of Noise. The film is full of weird Russian avant-garde, transcending music, and the magnetic power of the artist Papa Srapa.

The film takes us to bizarre noise festivals and performances with ravers, tripsters and extravagants who immerse themselves in the world of sonic violence and ecstatic states of mind. But we are also offered interesting history lessons, whereas the origins of noise music are taken back to the 1920s, tied to early Soviet avant-garde figures such as Dziga Vertov, Arseniy Avraamov and Nikolai Kulbin.

A true Noise craftsman has to make their own synthesizers, so Papa Srapa makes his own from old Soviet radio components and cheap junk. The film shows that it’s not just about the way he plays the instruments (using blood and saliva), but also the way he brings the devices to life.