Melbourne’s Private Function have spent the last seven years carving a reputation as one of the country’s most explosive, unpredictable and essential outfits, whose on and off-stage reputation and unhinged marketing tactics precedes them at every turn.

Fuelled by a wicked concoction of bratty quips, nostalgia-fuelled gags and an anti-authoritarian charm distilled with the majesty of rock and the pageantry of roll, Private Function’s feverish following should come as no surprise to even a casual observer, with their devotees constantly riding the PF tsunami alongside them and expediting their cult-fuelled rise to the top.

Support Cloudsurfers’ mutant strand of garage punk, post-grunge and psychedelic rock rolls with the glee of a bunch of death-defying storm chasers. One moment their songs swarm at the heart of the breakneck G-forces, the next they’re ghostriding the expressway to hook-laden alt-pop Nirvana.