Detroit based post-punk quartet Protomartyr formed in 2010, slowly bubbling up out of a few bands in a tightly knit music scene. Delivering burly but intelligent music that played heavily on dynamics and physical impact, the group’s wild card was vocalist and lyricist Joe Casey, who spun free-associative semi-beat poetry over the churning report of the musicians.

The band is now back on the road, bringing their new album and their new guitarist to the stage!

Support Es are indebted to the past but pointed sharply to the future, Es deconstruct our modern wreckage of personhood and self-deceit, granting a sense of solidarity inside alienation. On Less of Everything, their 2020 album, Es defined their uncanny sound: an icy DIY punk creeping with gothic influence and nuanced intensity. Their latest release ‘Fantasy’ echoes the legendary Pylon or the later releases from PIL blended with the band’s established disjunctive style with brighter, poppy, and danceable tones.