How would it be if you gave the fantasy genre a queer twist? At IFFR they figured it out this year, resulting in a badass genre-bending program featuring futuristic trans witches and fatal fellatio by alien arachnids. The films are a clear, unique sound from the queer community.

If I’m Here It Is by Mystery takes place in New Rio, in the year 2054. The streets are ravaged by the Order of Truth, who commit murders with the goal of eliminating any being with special powers. To defeat the Order, the renowned witch Dahlia brings together an extravagant clan of trans and queer people, each with their own supernatural gift. The fate of the city is in their hands.

In Mamántula, gruesome, gory murders cause panic in the queer community: there is a spermaddict killer on the loose and no one is safe. In this humorous and provocative gem, Ion de Sosa creates an alternative present in which the surreal plays the leading role and the LGBTQIA+ community faces yet another threat. Mamántula cleverly plays with genres, from film noir to sci-fi, and explores cinematic queerness at its most captivating.

This screening takes place in collaboration with Queer Pride Groningen. VERA Zienema is wheelchair accessible. Report to the front entrance, someone will pick you up and bring you in through the back entrance.

Content warning: violence, gore, queer phobia