Rosa is The Magic Band, a tribute to Captain Beefheart.

Hans Dagelet is the Captain. He growls, hisses, spits and shreds the translated lyrics. Rosa plays the boldly arranged music. Bluesrock, psychedelics and derailed punk: great music to watch.

The reason for this homage is Beefheart’s earth-shifting album Trout Mask Replica, released in 1969. An album with which Captain Beefheart baffled friend and foe. The music was too extreme for a large audience, but did make him a legend. The gritty poetry of both language and music sounds as new and stimulating today as it did then, which has always been a benchmark for Rosa.

The music of Trout Mask Replica has been turned inside out, translated and rephrased. The Captain’s anarchist chaos has been retained but at the same time been unraveled, making it accessible to a new audience. Beefheart, Pork Treat Musical will have the seasoned Beefheart fan jubilate and will leave the Beefheart newbie pleasantly bewildered.