In 2007, he released his second album « Aïto » in Mali, and toured intensively in west-african festivals. In 2008 Samba Touré is signed by World Music Network, for « Songhaï blues, Homage to Ali Farka Touré », his first international production. [Tapez un texte] Samba Touré creates a harmonious blend of River Niger blues, traditional Songhai themes and Western influences. Like most Malian songs, Samba’s lyrics convey moral messages as well as introducing us to different elements of Malian culture, such as the importance of family. Bursting with energy, Samba Touré’s music continues the blues legacy of the late, great Ali Farka Touré. Samba Touré is the Malian guitarist, vocalist and composer whose distinctive style is widely regarded both at home and abroad as both reflecting and enhancing the enduring legacy of the legendary Ali Farka Touré. So it was that, in 2010, Toumani Diabaté turned to Samba to play alongside him on his ‘Ali Farka Touré Variations Tour’. It seemed a natural choice to pass the baton to Samba and have him representing Ali Farka Touré’s guitar style on the tour. Recorded on visits back to Mali, Crocodile Blues is Samba Touré’s second international release and a giant leap forward for the Malian bluesman with Oumou Sangaré as a special guest vocalist for one song. His carefully crafted compositions demonstrate his own style, through his use of a variety of languages, rhythms and feelings. Many of the songs represent different ethnicities and regions, as Samba sings for peace and unity in Mali, one year before Mali’s crisis started. In December 2011, Samba received a Tamani d’Or, Malian Award for “Crocodile Blues” the best international CD of the year and toured summer 2012 through Europe with memorable shows in Amsterdam Paradiso + North Sea Jazz Club, and Budapest’s Sziget Festival. [Tapez un texte] Then he recorded a new album “ALBALA” 2013 for new label Glitterbeat Records, featuring guest Hugo Race and co-produced by Philippe Sanmiguel and Chris Eckman. The album was acclaimed worldwide as one of the best African release of the year. The band toured in Europe in 2013 and 2014. Two years after, Samba recorded a new album: Gandadiko, released in 2015 on Glitterbeat Records. Gandadiko immediately reached the top of international world music charts and the band toured in Europe in 2015, 2016 and 2017.