With his international mega hit Disko Partizani, Shantel became the audible face of a new music and dance culture worldwide. He managed to give current pop culture a cosmopolitan sound because of his multi-layered family roots. With Shantel, migration is audible and danceable. Musical gems from Southeast Europe, Greece and the Middle East appear in a new, multi-layered context.

Shantel sees his work as a musician as a creative preparation of an ongoing discourse between theory and practice. The audible, tangible and danceable results are always a product of his very individual engagement with music as a specific expression of a historical, cultural, social and political soundscape of a place. From the very beginning, his output as a DJ, producer and musician has been in the field of tension between tradition + modernity and analogue + digital.

With the Partizani Super Sonic Live Tour Shantel will be bringing the full energy of club-culture live to the stage. Connecting the liberty of performance with Balkan pop, global bass, diaspora beats, Turkish psychedelica and electro.