This concert or movienight is organised as a regular event.
We will do a coronacheck at the door, you’ll need a valid ID and ticket. More information on this page.

She Past Away is dark-wave with a reworked 80’s sound. Signature guitar sound of the post-punk era, combined with minimalist poetry in the beautiful Turkish language.

Band’s foundations date back to 2006 when Volkan was drafting songs even before the band was named. In 2009 the band came to a formation and recorded the debut EP ‘Kasvetli Kutlama’, which was released digitally in 2010. The ‘Belirdi Gece’ LP was released in 2012, followed by the ‘Narin Yalnızlık’ LP in 2015. In 2019 She Past Away came back with their album ‘DISKOANKSIYETE’. But the band was not yet done releasing new music. In 2020 ‘X’ was released, a bundle of 22 remixed She Past Away songs. Later in 2020 their latest album ‘Part Time Punks Session’ released. 

Fans of Siouxsie, Joy Division and Soft Cell: you just can’t miss this She Past Away show. Seriously, you will regret it.

Support Deathsomnia is a UK and Estonia based three-piece band bringing forth a unique sound emanating from dystopian industrial punk soundscapes enveloped in raw emotion, industrial climatic momentum and live band energy.

The creative synergy between the multi-instrumentalist members Kadri Sammel (Bedless Bones), Richard Powley (Telepathy) and Bruno Russo, and their individual punk, hardcore and electronica backgrounds, are the source for Deathsomnia’s music genre bending originality.
New York based producer and collaborator, Ben Greenberg (Uniform. Black Marble, Bad Breeding, VR Sex), describes Deathsomnia’s blending of subtle industrial elements into guitar driven songs as cyberpunk and a welcomed break from current popular darkwave aesthetic tropes.