The Belgium-based garage rock band SONS are influenced by contemporary post punk, nineties guitars with a hint of psychedelica. Explosiveness of garagepunk is something you’ll hear on their latest record ‘Sweet Boy’, an album that further expands on their debut album ‘Family Dinner’ (2019).  They’re making a name for itself nationally and internationally as it leaves a trail of ‘what the hell was that?’ behind. The gentlemen from Melsele (Beveren-Waas) have been on a long musical journey, with ‘Sweet Boy’ they’re finding out how their musicality and songs can mimic everyday life.

‘Sweet Boy’ like any other album is a snapshot where the bittersweet reality is getting close to the living reality of SONS. The song ‘L.O.V.E.’ soaks in that reality telling its story about homophobic violence. A song that has been written after a young man was killed by violent gaybashers.

Support: Black Leather Jacket
Furious riffs, blasting drums and a punk attitude. The recipe for Antwerp four piece Black Leather Jacket is simple yet effective. After a successful breakthrough year, followed by the release of their debut album ‘Tranquillizer’, the band is working very hard on new music that will be released in 2023.

Expect a new direction that is louder, faster, heavier and more experimental, but still has their signature catchiness and rock-‘n-roll swagger at the same time. Combined with a raging live reputation that fits the mood, Black Leather Jacket is ready to hit the stage again. And guess what: smashing them is just a matter of time.