Step'in Sound teams up with the Groningen number one reggae selector Steely RoundBeat at Vera Groningen on 23rd of March.

Step'in Sound will mix music from conscious reggae anthems to naughty dancehall, from neck cracking hiphop bangers to groovy ghetto funk mash-ups and from wobbly-ass dubstep to top rank skanking jungle. The Finnish dj group will please the dance crowd with a versatile and high energy party selection that is spiced up with turntable skills!

The quest dj for the night is Steely RounBeat who is an all-round Reggae soundman and a Studio One riddim specialist. He has been running reggae events in Groningen since 1982. He is the producer/manager for the Reggaestage at "The Gideon Festival" in Groningen and he is known for his 'Blazin'Fyah' events. Steely is also working with the 'Dub Salute' band.

Through the years Steely supported many top Jamaican artists with his 'RoundBeat Sound': Yellowman, Ziggi Recado, Cocoa Tea, Lee Perry, Burning Spear, Frankie Paul, Sizzla, Bunny Wailer, Turbulence, Tristan Palmer, The Itals, Ethiopian, The Heptones, Shinehead, The Ska-Talites, Marcia Griffiths ... just to name a few.

Steely just got back from Jamaica, so get ready for top notch selections!
Tun up and join us at the bounciest club in town!

Wie bij de afgelopen edite van  Global Warming was, heeft ongetwijfeld gedanst op Indiaase ‘bhangra’ of de Jamaicaanse ‘dancehall’ die Kalle Erkkila de platenspelers uit perste. En dat  beviel ons, hem en jullie zo te zien ook zo goed, dat we hem meteen terug hebben gevraagd voor de 23e.
Vanavond neemt ie zijn hele DJ-team mee, opererend onder de naam Step’in Sound om je nogmaals te trakteren op de meest exotische genres, afgewisseld met dubstep, reggae, funk en hiphop.
Voor een idee van de avond kun je natuurlijk even de mixtapes luisteren die hierrrr te vinden zijn.