Stoned Jesus emerged as Igor’s Krobak side-project, dealing with the heavier and darker side of rock-music. Beginning with sludge and post-metal blueprints, it shaped into a full-time band, becoming musically closer to stoner rock and traditional doom metal in vein of early Black Sabbath, later days Electric Wizard and classic Sleep. SJ’s second demo, “Occult/Black Woods”, contains two fuzzy sabbathian epics filled with catchy riffs, Hendrix-like guitar solos and professional vocals. After releasing their début “First Communion” record and playing dozens of gigs in Ukraine and Russia.

Nothern Europe bands have all something in common : They kick some serious asses. Could it be Stoner with Truckfighters, Doom with Monolord, Retro Rock with Graveyard, they just get it. And The Devil and the Almighty Blues who are hailing from Norway, fits nicely in the last genre I mentioned, with a subtle touch of Doom and Blues.