Swine Tax is a three-piece rock outfit hailing out of Newcastle, England. Lucky for us, we get to witness their  first trip to the European mainland, here in Vera (pop their EU cherry, if you will). The already released singles range from darker post-punk (in “Natural Causes”) to 90's alternative (“Conversation”), with a splash of Brit Pop ("Hold Your Own"). If you dare to navigate the guitar-riff soundscapes and listen to the lyrics (or, alternatively, read them on Bandcamp...), I guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised. Swine Tax candidly recount those wrenching moments (who can’t relate to “party fatigue”) with a playful wit, that will get you thrashin'.

Their most-recent (to be / just released) single, "I'd Like" comes out March 22nd.  Keep you eyes and ears out and open for new music by this gang and most importantly come check 'em out April 13th in the kelderbar!|CISKA