The Hands Off Project is an independent organisation expressing contemporary punk through various conceptual utterances.

After 01 and 02 The Hands Off Project is back with their third event in VERA! T.H.O.P. 03 was created from a new concept and this time we’ll be grounded for sure!!! Well… not really… you’ll find out. On the display: three cool new acts combined with stunning visuals by Videoband! Oh and… watch out for our AI host Audrey, she hasn’t been feeling too friendly since her last task on a commercial spaceflight…


Yodel Queen
Yodel Queen is a post-yodel schlagerpunk power-trio from Amsterdam with a confrontational and very textual repertoire.The band brings recognisable yet off-road reflections on daily life to the stage.

Daisy Daisy
Powered by extraterrestrial forces disguised as electronic drums, eighties synthesizers and haunting guitar effects, the Utrecht based trio Daisy Daisy explores the world of colourful synthetics submerged through the gutter of everyday life.

Rotterdam-based, eclectic Krautrock collective Smudged blends elements of repetitive synth patterns, live-drums and soundscapes resulting in a scuzzy mix of energetic garage and electronics. They’ve made quite a name for themselves kissing grandmothers and roaming the depths of the Dutch underground with their frenetic and high energy liveshows.