The Hands Off Project is an independent organisation expressing contemporary punk through various conceptual utterances.

The Hands Off Project is back with their fourth event in VERA! T.H.O.P. 04 was created from a new concept and this time the we will be in production!!! On the display: three cool new acts combined with the usual disruptions! Oh... and of course Audrey will be there to guide you through it...


Dear Omens
Dear Omens is heavy hearted proto-punk from Amsterdam. Expect dark, gloomy organ and heavy bass and drum sounds from this three piece.

The Covids
A new band from Amsterdam bringing you some extremely contagious punkrock! The band started during the first pandemic lockdown in The Netherlands, so they decided to take the name The Covids as a badge of honour. Some of their live shows which were planned in this period were postponed 13(!) times because of ongoing restrictions. Their love for ’77 punkrock and more pop-oriented styles result in a unique and irresistible sound: catchy, raw and energetic.

Das Ding
Das Ding is Danny Bosten, who was active in the early eighties releasing his music and the music of friends through his own cassette label called Tear Apart Tapes. While studying graphic design at the art academy, he designed all tape covers himself. Meanwhile, he recorded his own music as Das Ding. Powerful, dark electro, some songs quite addictive and danceable while others are more for home listening pleasure.