The Hands Off Project is back!!!! T.H.O.P. 07 puts Waterschade, Achterlicht, Beatrix and Brorlab on the parade!!! In the spirit of twentytwentyFOUR!!! Audrey is waiting very patiently for you to buy a ticket... What about Energy Drinks??? We don't know her!!!!


Haarlemmer feminist hardcore punk!!!! Waterschade is very cool and definitely ready to smash the patriarchy!!!!!

Achterlicht plays the most energetic, electric and eclectic garagepunk around. Four pals, straight out of the H-town023 with melting riffs, rattling drums and tinnitus-inducing synth;;;;;;;

Brussel/Amsterdam based Beatrix knows all about that royal life! Retired but still playing post-punk, noise-rock and experimental electronic music.

Brorlab gigs are short, powerful, warm-hearted. These Antwerpers are armed with a voice, guitar, bass and a smartphone and delight the audience with psychedelic gabber punk and smartass hits!