T.H.O.P. 09, the 9th edition of the The Hands Off Project event-series in VERA, is here!!!!!!! With an expressive blend of EBM, New Wave and punk by MAHA, lofi synthwave and post-punk by Güner Künier and darkwave, goth and post-punk by Lifeless Past. You just know this is going to be a banger!



About the acts:

Güner Künier is deploying her voice over old school and industrial drums infused with lo-fi guitar and synthesizer sounds. Her debut album also invokes a psychedelic 70s vibe, although it's been adapted for the present day. You'll also find some synthwave tracks and Turkish lyrics in there. It features a great mix of genres which leads to a unique style. Her stunning live performances over the past few years have also sent strong and promising signals.

MAHA draws inspiration from the raw and vibrant spirit of 70s punk, fearlessly tackling systemic issues through her lyrics. Committed to amplify underrepresented voices, she shares personal narratives that resonate with themes of social change and urgency. Transitioning from spoken word performances, she has now teamed up with Bastiaan Bosma (Ploegendienst, Aux Raus, MICH), blending punk, EBM, and New Wave music with her expressive lyrics.

Lifeless Past is a goth/post-punk duo from Den Haag and Rotterdam. Bringing their dark atmosphere with them through electronic drums and overdriven, reverbed guitar sounds.