A Nashville institution in the making, Country Westerns infuse punk rock chutzpah with a classic rock sheen, yielding a sound that’s simultaneously fresh and reminiscent of all the LPs you used to ‘borrow’ from your cool uncle. Their debut album came out in May 2020, beautifully coinciding with… a worldwide pandemic. Despite everything that cursed year threw at it, the self-titled LP survived and thrived on its many merits. CW’s varied inspirations are evident on their self-produced “pandemic EP” that features covers by Richard Thompson, Jad Fair, and Dead Moon. Their pedigrees also belie their musical tastes and range.

The evening will be opened by no other than Evan Dando, 90’s indie posterboy and frontman of The Lemonheads. The last time he played our Mainstage was back in 2003, the same year his first solo album, ‘Baby I’m Bored‘ was released. Now he returns, a little over 20 years later, with new material and old favourites.