The Amsterdam-based psychedelic rockband Temple Fang always leaves the stage with a hypnotized audience. The band combines the best of seventies rock with americana, supplemented with spacey sounds and clean vocals. With their lingering 70’s prog and spacing rock, Temple Fang always guarantees a smashing liveshow. The quartet has only sparingly written material, therefore a regular studio album has not been published yet. However, last summer a live album was released: “Temple Fang, Live At Merleyn”. Furthermore, the band has recently spent a weekend in the Galloway Studio of Sebastiaan Bijleveld to jam, space and think of new ideas.

The band would be support act of Ecstatic Vision in 2019, and would come back later in 2020 as main act. However, as the well-known Covid-restrictions stirred the Netherlands, this event could not take place. But, we are the more excited to welcome this impressive band again on the 15th of april!

Support: Silverbones

Silverbones is a shapeshifting, Andean-Futurist multi-sensory sojourn. Using modular synthesisers, noisy guitar riffs, dark vocals, swaying bass lines and unpredictable drums, they diverge from an ordinary music concert into a focused happening. Their deep and personal chemistry weaves free jazz, punk, electronica, folk and physical theatre into a hypnotic sonic dream. Drawing inspiration from their divergent geographical roots and artistic backgrounds from Bolivia, Chicago and Amsterdam, their sound defies categorization. Silverbones isn’t simply a band, but a family who regards music as a potent force to bring light to earth— it is palpable in their music, apparent in their presentation.