London’s Test Dept. created the blueprint for industrial music in the early 80s, but distinguished themselves from peers and imitators with their heartfelt anarcho-socialist politics and immersive multi-media live performances.

The band’s powerful ethos of reclamation is indistinguishable from their music: industrial machinery “liberated” from scrap yards and used as percussion, concerts in unconventional venues like abandoned rail depots, collaborations with a striking Welsh Miners’ choir.

Test Dept. have always been on the frontline of radical activism; their 90s detour into techno was inspired by the Criminal Justice Act which targeted illegal rave culture, and their recent resurrection after many years dormant was spurred by the re-emergence of the far right as a mainstream political force.

In 2019 they signed with One Little Indian records to release “Disturbance”, their first new album in over 20 years. May 2020 sees a remix EP released on the Berlin label aufnahme + wiedergabe, while later in the year One Little Indian are slated to re-issue a box set of classic albums, as well as making their 1985 live collaboration with legendary singer/composer Diamanda Galas available for the first time.