The Morlocks emerged from the ashes of early-1980s California garage band The Gravedigger 5, but with a heavier sound, more murderous songs, and the trademark snarl of singer Leighton Koizumi. And then they disappeared, back into the grave. At one point there were even reports that Leighton was dead! Stabbed to death in the parking lot after a show.

But the Morlocks are back in action, as of 2007/08, with all members alive and more or less intact! With a new addition to the band Baby Brother Romeo on the guitar. The Morlocks have real, authentic garage attitude and spirit. Unlike many modern garage bands, they know you don’t need speed to sell a garage number. Speed has its place, just like fuzz. Choose your weapons wisely, ‘cos one size does not fit all.

These guys have recaptured the feel of primal Stones, Watchband, and Pretty Things, with Leighton’s firey vocals completely in command. The Morlocks have a killer sound that can’t be beat. They mean business.

Support FlowerBox has put the acoustic wood back in the closet. The Sexy Dex lineup, with which the act toured the country in the 1990s, is dusted off. FlowerBox plays garage soul with psychedelic influences from the 60’s. Their live set consist of their own work and old work by others.