Formed when they were still teenagers, The Orielles initially made music with the eagerness and abandon of youth, while also looking to the past for inspiration.

The group’s highly danceable sound on early releases like 2018’s ‘Silver Dollar Moment’ was informed by the lighter side of 1980s post-punk, the loose-limbed rhythms of Afro-funk, the trippy textures of late-’90s indie dance, and the sweet melodic sense of classic indie pop. Their ongoing growth as a band led them down artistic, more musically complicated routes, with records like 2022’s ‘Tableau’ exploring new recording techniques (like piecing together sampled fragments of sound) along with influences like techno and avant-garde improvisation.

Support WATERLEAF plays dreamy 80’s synth-indie pop with rugged drum machines and infectious hooks that you can’t get out of your head. Singer Margrieke writes quirky songs that show a conflict between her soft side and her ‘f*ck it’ attitude. The result? Songs that explore the interfaces between dreaminess and pure energy.