Explosive Belgian rockers The Sore Losers have just finished recording their fifth full length album. The band started in 2009 when they combined their love for rock, country, blues and garage and brewed it into a raw and pure rocksound of their own.The first single “Yeah Yeah Yeah” will be released by Suburban Records on April 30th 2021, the full album will follow later that year.

Jimmy Diamond takes us to the americana and roots rock of the seventies infused with modern indie rock. Music that represents an epic sound of a new morning
through raw guitars and pedal steel.

The members of Jimmy Diamond are the European left and right hands of Tim Showalter’s Strand of Oaks. While Jimmy Diamond stands on its own feet, similar DNA flows through their musical bloodstreams. During the fall of 2020, their first official release, “Airplane”, was released. Paving the way for their unconventional version of americana indie roots rock, resistant to the reinforcements of time and geared towards a better future.