Having experienced a heart-rending family tragedy, a priest decides to go on a spiritual quest to seek out authentic China. Once there, he encounters a peasant girl being chased by ninjas, who gives him a mystical dragon’s tooth. When the dragon’s tooth manages to slit open the palm of his hand, he gains ancient superpowers that enable him to become a velociraptor! The experience is so overwhelming that he soon loses it entirely. Luckily a prostitute, complete with heart of gold, quickly comes to his aid. Once he finally is more or less used to his superpowers, he becomes convinced of how to best make use of these, and the two of them embark on a mission to fight crime. And ninjas.

During a visit to the Cinematig Film Festival, we were utterly enchanted by the magic of this low-budget gem, and knew that it had to return to the big screen as soon as possible! And so it came about.. resulting in a hot and juicy collaboration between Cinematig and Wansmakelijk Goed. Praise be to the Cinematig boys for introducing us to The VelociPastor – we are eternally grateful.
This will also be the last Zienema screening before the summer break, so all the more reason to join us in wrapping up the Zieneyear in hilarious fashion!

We from Wansmakelijk Goed adore movies that do not always fit in with the (big) crowd. From horror, to drama, to comedy, from amazingly good to astoundingly bad: all our nights are thematized by ”distaste”. Whether we’re talking about gut-wrenching gore, deliciously dire B movies or those uncomfortable or controversial masterpieces, we love it all and therefore select the most satisfying nourishment for the distaste buds!