The British indie-rock trio TRAAMS is back after five years with their third album “Personal Best”. The albums features singer/guitarist Stuart Hopkins, drummer Adam Stock, and bassist Leigh Padley. The album is less traditional, experimenting with softer vocal tones, a new sound emerged for the trio, one that defines their third album.

The global pandemic was a big factor for the band’s progression in music. They had the intense urge to create music together, and because of the limitations the pandemic brought on them, they ended up revolutionizing their sound. The new way of working proved revolutionary for the band. By stepping away from their usual instruments and working in an untraditional way, TRAAMS have made their most interconnected album yet. They’ve played in VERA before in 2014 and can’t wait to rock the stage again!

Mikkel Holm Silkjær is the frontman of the Danish indie rock band Yung and is back in VERA with his solo project called Holm. In 2016 Yung played Downstage when they were touring in Europe with their debut record “A Youthful Dream”. After three years of writing Holm is finally set to release his debut record “Why Don’t You Dance” which is a gleefully varied guitar-pop record that veers between styles.

Trader is a Danish rock band known for their explosive indie rock, inspired by the American 90’s rock scene and contemporary artists such as PavementWeezer en Alex G. They have pop songs wrapped in heavy distortion and loud drums, a raw yet sincere sound, full of catchy melodies en noisy guitars.  Their first show they were booked for was back in 2016, when they opened for Fontaines DC at a local venue, and now they’ll be opening the night with Holm for the band TRAAMS. Trader’s second album “Their Best Work So Far” will be released on October 14th 2022 via the Copenhagen based indie label Part Time Records.