Who doesn’t know the gentlemen from traumahelikopter? No strangers to VERA and soon you can see them twice in our club. In December you can get a snippet at Kogar’s Rumble, a tribute to Jan Kooi. Around springtime they’ll release a new album following up with a headliner clubtour and off course VERA is added to the list!

The Groningen based garagerockband traumahelikopter consists of singer/guitarist Mark van der Ploeg (also known for Trash That Podcast), guitarist Daan van Dalen and drummer Roel van Berloo.

Bands who have been travelling around a lot will change eventually. People may quit. Bandmembers come and go. Vans become nightliners, flashing TL-lights change into big spotlights, or it’s the other way around. Ambition and having fun has both its pros and cons.

Those two extremes are blended beautifully together on their fourth record Save Yourself, an album which will be released by Excelsior Recordings on the 20th of January in 2023. On the 12th of October they released a new single called “Sarah”, click here to listen to it!

The songs on Save Yourself are in the same breath and mentality of their early years. With the experience they have been gaining, traumahelikopter has built a broad taste in music and musical inspirations. From new wave The Jam and early Elvis Costello to shoegazers of the Jesus & Mary Chain. The beats from The Nerves and the punkrock of The Wipers.

Traumahelikopter has both been resourceful and restrictive. Live performances still consist of two guitars, three microphones and a minimal drum kit. The band uses the album as a medium to go more in depth with their sound, polish and enrich it.

The last 10 years the band toured multiple times through Europe and the US. Traumahelikopter has been playing on big festivals like LowlandsBest Kept Secret and almost every venue in the Netherlands. You can expect a characteristic and energetic mix of garagerock, punk and pop that has been implemented into powerful songs.

Support: Real Farmer
Starting out as a punk-trio in 2018, Real Farmer has since evolved into a rambunctious and idiosyncratic post-punk four-piece. With members from Glitch and Canshaker Pi, the band takes influences from the intensity that drives contemporary punk and blues. After having released a self-titled EP on Subroutine Records in 2019, this year will finally see their first album come to fruition. Beside the rougher, more volatile songs for which the band is known, this album will also on occasion make room for their more tender, melancholic side.